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2869 Wilshire Drive 103
Orlando, FL, 32835
United States




Achilles [uh-kil-eez] Art Cafe first opened its doors on August 8th, 2008.  Achilles, or "Ash", as we call him, was born & raised in Hamburg, Germany, & moved to Florida in 1999 with $30 to his name.  He always wanted to have his own cafe, & decided to open this establishment since it was only a short distance from his home in MetroWest.  To this day, he still insists on riding his bike to & from the cafe.

As you can imagine, he put all his care & best work into the shop, & we are all pretty proud of the product.  You can definitely pick up on the eclectic & cozy european vibes, & most of the paintings & other artwork on the walls are for sale by local artists.  We don't take any commission for it, but we love having it adorn the space!  From ambiance to coffee, to sandwiches & beer selection, it's really about providing you with a unique & awesome experience that we hope you'll come back for time & time again.